Effective after August 1, 2015


This guide explains licensing models, how to quote a Verba solution and how to install a license in the product.

There are two main ways to license the Verba platform:

  • "Perpetual License plus Support", and
  • "Software Subscription"

Learn more about these Verba License Models.

User Licenses - Regulate, Record and Analyze

The Verba solution helps you Regulate, Record and Analyze your Unified Communication interactions.

Verba user licensing is built around the same three concepts:

  • Presence Control
  • Legal Disclaimers
  • Session Control
  • Content Filtering
  • Instant Messages
  • Voice Monitoring and Coaching
  • Voice On-Demand
  • Voice Always-On
  • Desktop Screen
  • Video
  • Trader Voice / Turrets
  • Advanced Compliance
  • Quality Management
  • Speech Search

You only need to answer a simple question: "How many users will need the various features?".

There are no server licenses to consider, so you can quote the solution solely based on customer requirements.

Use our Excel tool to request a quote.

Quoting a Verba solution

A Verba quote can be created in 6 steps:

Step 1 - Platform License
Step 2 - User Licenses - Regulate
Step 3 - User Licenses - Record
Step 4 - User Licenses - Analyze
Step 5 - Installation Services
Step 6 - Training

Learn more about Quoting a Verba solution.

Installing your license

Find the steps in How to Install your Verba license.