This guide is for contact center supervisors who manage quality assurance projects, design evaluation forms or evaluate and score interactions.

Verba Performance and Quality Management system provides an easy-to-use and flexible solution for developing quality management system in a contact center. A key part of this framework is the agent scoring component.

Quality Management Process

You can use Verba to improve the quality of your contact center in 4 steps: 

  1. Establish quality management criteria - You can do this by designing your evaluation forms
  2. Identify the scope of your quality management work - In Verba, this is achieved by setting up evaluation projects
  3. Evaluate interactions - This is an ongoing work, where you are evaluating and scoring interactions
  4. Follow results - You can use reporting and dashboards to follow quality assurance progress


Easy-to-use evaluation forms

  • Intuitive, user friendly, web based interface with drag & drop features
  • Entirely integrated into the Verba Recording System framework
  • Multiple question types with appearance control (radio, listbox, etc.)
  • Weighting (sections, questions)
  • Skill assignment feature for questions to provide an additional layer of evaluation
  • Form auto fail options for each question
  • Default value settings
  • 30+ configurable form and call detail fields displayed on the scorecard

Flexible selection of interactions for evaluation and scoring

  • Project based framework
  • Option for group/agent based call selection
  • Mathematically and statistically correct random selection
  • Configurable access control for supervisors
  • Score classification settings
  • Interactions for scoring are automatically presented for the supervisors in the project
  • Integrated Verba Player with all the features including enhanced playback controls, markers, etc.
  • Support for sharing and discussing scorecard information with agents
  • Supervisor calibration

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In order to use the capabilities described in this guide, the user add-on called Verba Add-on QM License is required for all analyzed users (typically the contact center agents monitored by your supervisors).