The Verba Recording System can record Cisco voice calls, video calls and instant messages using various methods.

There are five main components of the Cisco recording solution:

Supported platforms

Verba supports all Cisco Unified Communication Manger, Unified Communication Express and IM & Presence versions.

All software and physical Cisco compatible endpoints are supported.

Deployment models

Depending on recording requirements different deployment models are recommended. In the Verba solution, these models can be mixed within one recording system deployment.

The following table summarizes the different ways the Verba Recording Servers components can be deployed.


Verba Network-based

Passive / Monitor Port
Based Recording 
Verba Proxy-based

No need for monitor port


Call path untouched


Internal Audio Calls



Inbound / Outbound Audio Calls2


Video Calls

Encrypted Video Calls  
Presentation Sharing 1

External / Federated calls



Recording Announcements for

incoming PSTN calls

Block Calls on recording failure  
Load balancing 

Mid-call failover

2N recording54
N+1 recording 

JTAPI Integration

CDR reconciliation  

*** Verba Proxy-based Recording is recommended only in specific cases since it requires a complex custom call routing setup in the UCM!

1 Requires endpoint level monitor port configuration
2 Requires gateway port monitoring
3 Calls can be recorded by monitoring the internal ExpressWay port(s)
4 Requires multiple monitor ports
5 Can be achieved by combining with port monitoring
6 Only with Built-in Bridge-based (Phone Preferred) recording mode. With Gateway based recording, only inbound and outbound PSTN calls can be recorded.
7 Requires ExpressWay version 8.11 or later.

* Limitations at parking scenarios 

Verba Network-Based Recording

Possible deployment models of Network Based recording:

Verba Proxy-Based Recording

Possible deployment models of Proxy-Based recording:

The Proxy Server role is always installed when a Recording Server role is installed. After the deployment, it can optionally be turned on or off.

Passive / Monitor Port-Based Recording

The Monitor Port based recording requires network side configuration:

Possible deployment models of Monitor Port based recording:

For more information about the deployment models see Select a deployment architecture