The Verba Dial-in Recorder is an audio and video call recording solution, where users can actively dial into various recorder lines to access the following services:

  1. record a call or conference (both audio and video)
  2. playback recorded calls (both audio and video)
  3. listen to ongoing calls on your network (audio only)

When used for recording the dial-in recorder becomes a party of the conversation. There are two main recording situations:

  1. dictation, note taking - when a caller calls the line, talks and does not connect any other party
  2. conference recording - when the caller adds the recorder to a conference call where more two or more parties are present

All recordings are stored in a central archive and are available through our web interface.

The recording lines can be secured using caller number detection or even PIN authentication.

Consider the following example user cases to get a better understanding of the solution:

Supported audio phones

The dial-in recorder solution supports:

Experimental H.323 support is also available.

Supported video phones

The dial-in recorder solution supports most standard SIP video endpoints.

In Cisco environment the solution supports the following endpoints:

Experimental H.323 support is also available.