Integration utilizes Unigy's active recording interface which consists of the following links:

Recorder service at startup logs in via the CTI link and subscribes to agent and call events. When a trader agent logs in on a turret (the agent can be logged in only on one turret at the same time) the Unigy platform notifies the recorder and the recorder establishes media channels via SIP as per the recording profile configuration of the turret. When a call starts, the recorder receives a call start CTI/CDR event which refers to the related media channel. Based on this information the recorder starts recording the media and creates a database record with the CDR. When the call ends a call end CTI event is received based on which the recorder terminates the recording. At recorder startup, the recorder gets agent login and call start notification for all logged-in agent sessions and ongoing calls so can start recording from that point.

IPC Unigy recording features

Version support

IPC Switch Name & Model

IPC Unigy

Supported IPC Unigy Versions

1.x or later

Supported Turret Types

IQ/MAX, IQ/MAX Touch, IQ/MAX Edge (100/200)

IQ/MAX Sync, IQ/MAX Omni, Pulse Enterprise, Pulse Mobile

If you are on a different version, contact your IPC representative for more information.

Features not available

Deploying IPC Unigy Recording

The following section contains all the necessary steps for setting up an IPC Unigy Recording infrastructure.

Server Sizing

Allocating the appropriate resources to the different servers is crucial. For guidance, see Server sizing and requirements


Make sure that all the required prerequisites are installed on each server prior to the installation.

For guidance on configuring the necessary firewall port, visit Firewall Configuration for IPC Unigy recording deployments


The following articles contain all the step for installing the various server roles:


For configuring the system for IPC Unigy recording, see Configuring IPC Unigy recording


The system can be deployed in various configurations to achieve resiliency. For more information, see IPC Unigy recorder resiliency.

IPC Unigy metadata

The system captures the following metadata specific to IPC Unigy calls when CTI messages are available. These fields are available through the standard and the IPC Unigy specific custom metadata template.

Metadata FieldDescriptionTemplateAvailableAvailable in
CDR-Only records
Available in
Media-Only records
Start DateStart date of the conversationStandardYesYesYes
Start TimeStart time on the conversationStandardYesYesYes
End DateEnd date of the conversationStandardYesYesYes
End TimeEnd time of the conversationStandardYesYesYes
DurationLength of the conversationStandardYesYesYes
UserName of the recorded userStandardYesYesYes
FromSource resource (e.g. line number)StandardYesYesNo
From InfoRecorded trader nameStandardYesYesNo
ToDestination resource (e.g. line number)StandardYesYesNo
To InfoRecorded trader nameStandardYesYesNo
DirectionThe direction of the call from the system perspective; requires configuring internal number/domain patternsStandardYesYesNo
Direction (User)Direction of the call from the recorded user perspectiveStandardYesYesNo
From (Verba)Name of the Verba user associated with the calling partyStandardYesYesYes
To (Verba)Name of the Verba user associated with the called partyStandardYesYesYes
LocationThe hostname of the recording serverStandardYesYesYes
End CauseNormal, HoldStandardYesYesYes
Audio CodecAudio codec of the recorded streamsStandardYesNoYes
Video codecVideo codec of the recorded streamsStandardNoNoNo
Platform Call IDUnique conversation identifier received from the recorded platformStandardYesYesYes
Silence RatioRatio of silence in the conversationStandardNoNoNo
Talkover RatioTalkover ratio of the conversationStandardNoNoNo
Longest SilenceLength of the longest silence present in the conversationStandardNoNoNo
User ID / Agent IDTrader IDStandardYesYesYes
From DeviceRecorded turret/intercom IDStandardYesYesYes
To DeviceRecorded turret/intercom IDStandardYesYesYes
Dialed NumberOriginal dialed numberStandardNoNoNo
From IPIP address of the media sourceStandardYesYesYes
To IPIP address of the media sourceStandardYesYesYes
From Proxy IPIP address of the proxy server associated with the calling partyStandardNoNoNo
To Proxy IPIP address of the proxy server associated with the called partyStandardNoNoNo
Source PlatformIPC UnigyStandardYesYesYes
Conversation TypeVoiceStandardYesYesYes
Forward ReasonForward reason for the conversation (e.g. forwarded, transferred, team call, delegated, etc.) StandardNoNoNo
Recording failedIndicates if the recording has failed and the metadata was imported during CDR reconciliationStandardNoNoNo
Media LengthLength of the media file related to the conversation in hhh:mm:ss formatStandardYesNoYes
Media ErrorShows the media processing errors during recordingStandardYesNoYes
Voice QualityOverall voice quality check score for the conversationStandardYesNoYes
Record TypeCDR-Only, Media-OnlyStandardYesYesYes
2N SourceIn case of duplicate (2N) recording, records are marked as primary or secondaryStandardYesYesYes
Device LocationTurret location infoIPC Unigy YesYes
Audio SourceAudio source device on the turretIPC Unigy YesYes
Line AppearanceLine appearance identifierIPC Unigy YesNo
E1 ResourceE1 resource nameIPC Unigy YesNo
Billing Group IDBilling group identifierIPC Unigy YesNo
Session TypeLine, Turret, Speaker, Bridge, Conference, TransferIPC Unigy YesNo
Line DescriptionLine labelIPC Unigy YesNo
Push to Talk StateMarked segment while PTT is pressedMarker YesNo