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Represents a user.


Member variables of the entity:



RequirementsMax. Length

Read only unique ID of the group membership.


The primary group determines:

  • Verba XML Service for Cisco IP phones uses the comment template of the primary group (to avoid complexity) for each user.
Every user has to be assigned to a primary group.
memberbooleanBy granting group membership, the group supervisors are allowed to view the calls of the member. If you do not grant the group membership to a user, then group supervisor will not able to view the calls of that user. Group administrators and supervisors do not have to be group members.

adminbooleanFor further information on group administrator right, refer to Group Administrator level on page 1.

supervisorbooleanFor further information on group supervisor right, refer to Group Supervisor level on page 1.

validFromUnmodifiableDateRead only start date of the group membership's validity period.

validUntilUnmodifiableDateRead only end date of the group membership's validity period.



Optional custom date format for the user.