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Represents a user.


Member variables of the entity:



RequirementsMax. Length
idInteger User ID

loginNameStringLogin name
passwordHashString Password hashed using MD5
displayNameStringLong display name of the user
emailString Email address
crmUserIdString CRM User ID for integration with other systems

languageString User interface language
timeZoneString Time zone in standard Java time zone format
validFromDate Start of the user's validity period
User does not see calls made before this date
and can not log in until this date

validToDate End of the user's validity period
User does not see calls made after this date
and can not log in after this date

lockedbooleanLocked status, locked users can not access the system

eidString Enterprise ID (4 characters long)Needed if environmentShortName
is not present
environmentShortNameString Enterprise short nameNeeded if eid
is not present
nonModifiablebooleanCan the user's properties be modified

passwordExpiresbooleanShows whether the password will expire or not


Shows whether user Must Change Password at Next Logon

observerUserIdInteger Observer User ID for 'four eyes login'

observerGroupIdIntegerObserver Group ID for 'four eyes login'


Type of the user:

  • Standard user - standard Verba system users with all the functionalities. (Value is: 'user_type_verba')
  • Publishing Server user - Verba Publishing Server users only with very limited functionality. (Value is: 'user_type_shared_items')

recorderLinePINStringRecorder Line PIN


Contact Center Agent ID or Cisco Owner User ID.
It's visible on the Verba Web Interface under the User's properties only when the following registry is present:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Verba\Web\ShowUserAgentID (DWORD) = 1 

apiAccessOnlybooleanAPI Access Only

customDateFormatStringOptional custom date format for the user

customTimeFormatStringOptional custom time format for the user

externalIdStringExternal ID for integration with other systems

extensionsList<ExtensionList of extensions associated with the user,
a user has access to calls on extensions associated with it



workflowIdIntegerLinked approval workflow ID

locationStringUser location

siteIdStringLinked site ID

retentionDaysIntegerUser-based data retention period

retentionAutoDeletebooleanDelete automatically the conversations after the retention period is over

customsList<String>Custom user attributes 1-10

annPromptInboundbooleanPlay notification for PSTN/federated inbound SfB/Lync calls

annPromptOutboundbooleanPlay notification for PSTN/federated outbound SfB/Lync calls

annPromptConferencebooleanPlay notification for conference SfB/Lync calls

annFileInboundStringPSTN/federated inbound announcement audio file for SfB/Lync calls

annFileOutboundStringPSTN/federated outbound announcement audio file for SfB/Lync calls

annFileConferenceStringConference announcement audio file for SfB/Lync calls

annFileMohStringMusic on hold announcement audio file for PSTN/federated outbound SfB/Lync calls

annMessageConferenceStringIM notification message for SfB/Lync conference calls

annPromptInboundCiscobooleanPlay notification for PSTN/federated inbound Cisco calls

annFileInboundCiscoStringMedia Resource ID for Cisco Inbound Calls 

annPromptOutboundCiscobooleanPlay notification for PSTN/federated outbound Cisco calls

annFileOutboundCiscoStringMedia Resource ID for Cisco Outbound Calls 

annPromptInternalTeamsbooleanPlay notification for internal Microsoft Teams calls

annPromptInboundTeamsbooleanPlay notification for PSTN/federated inbound Microsoft Teams calls

annPromptOutboundTeamsbooleanPlay notification for PSTN/federated outbound Microsoft Teams calls

annPromptConferenceTeamsbooleanPlay notification for conference Micorosft Teams calls