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To learn more about selecting the SQL Server version, editions and requirements, see SQL Server requirements.

Installing a Microsoft SQL Server instance

In the Verba install kit, we provide a simple, unattended installation procedure for Microsoft SQL Server Express (see the Prerequisites Installer Tool).

For information on how to install other Microsoft SQL server editions, please refer to the following articles.

When installing .NET framework as a prerequisite of MS SQL server, make sure that HTTP Activation is NOT installed (can be found under WCF Services)

Feature selection

The following features need to be selected during the install:

  • Database Engine Services
  • Full -Text and Semantic Extractions for Search
  • (Management Tools - Complete) Not necessary but recommended.

On the collation tab please make sure that the case-sensitive checkbox is left UNCHECKED. Verba requires a case-insensitive database.

Some of the options may be part of the MS SQL Management Studio install pack if you are using a separate installer.
After the Full-Text Search feature added or removed from an existing SQL Server installation, the Verba Web Application Service has to be restarted.

Instance configuration

It is recommended to install the Verba database as the default instance, however, the system supports named instances as well.

Database configuration

The Containment type setting of the Verba database has to be left on None.


For the Verba system, the following SQL Server services must be enabled and running (other services are not required):

  • SQL Server
  • SQL Server Browser if named instances are used
  • SQL Server Agent to run the maintenance jobs (not available on Express Edition)

Services accounts

Use the built-in System account and set it to Network service and check the SQL Server Agent to start at the end of the setup.


Choose the collation based on the requirement. The system does not support Case Sensitive (CS) collations, only Case Insensitive (CI) collations are supported. 

Account provisioning

If you would like to use SQL authentication, then select Mixed Mode authentication. Set the sa password and make a note of it. The Verba installer will need this information.

If you would like to use Windows Authentication, then select Windows Authentication.

Make sure you have the necessary database roles assigned to the user account which is configured for the system. For more information see SQL Server requirements.

Using the Verba Prerequisites tool to install SQL Server Express edition

MS SQL Server Express Edition unattended installer is included in the Verba install media.

Please, follow the steps below to install MS SQL Server Express Edition:

Step 1 - Copy the Verba Installation kit to the appropriate drive.

Step 2 - Click on the setup.exe file

Step 4 - Select the type of Verba server that you will be installing on this machine. (Single server solution or Media Repository)

Step 5 - Click on Install SQL Server Express and then on the button with the same name

Step 6 - The unattended installation starts automatically.

Set the sa password in the corresponding batch file. This information will need to be entered during the installation process of the Verba servers.

Verba utilizes the SQL Server's full-text index feature when searching for specific phrases in Instant Message recordings. The full-text index feature is not part of SQL Server Express edition by default, it is only included in SQL Server Express with Advanced Services.

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