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The extension can be opened from the Lync toolbar. The name of the extension might be different depending on the installation. By default, it is called Meeting Recorder.




Once you start users start the extension, a new panel appears on the right side of the Lync window. It shows the information about the current conference call. Meeting related metadata is only available if a meeting invite was sent earlier to the recorder. Please contact your system administrator to get more information about the email address of the recorder service.

You Users can start conference call recording by pressing the Start Recording button.

Once you start users start recording, the system automatically joins the conference call and plays in an audio prompt and sends out a text message notifying conference participants about the recording. If the announcement service is disabled, you will not hear and see any notificationno notification will be heard and seen.

Recording can be restarted any time by pressing the Start Recording button again. The system creates separate recordings for each recording section and assigns the same metadata to each record, so you users can easily search for related call legs using the subject or meeting ID during search.




You Users can simply stop recording by pressing the Stop Recording button.



Extension/address is not enabled for recording

 The recording system is not configured properly, because your the extension/address is not configured for controlled recording.
No ongoing conference call is found The system cannot find any ongoing call for your the extension/address. If you do have an ongoing call, please check the recorder configuration. Click on the Refresh link on the top right corner to retry.
Authentication error, token expired. Requesting new token... Authentication error occurred when contacting the recording server. The extension automatically tries to reconnect.
Call recording Recording already started Call recording  Recording has already been started.
Call recording Recording already stopped Call recording  Recording has already been stopped.
Connection error Connection error occurred between the extension and the recording server. Click on the Refresh link at the top right corner to retry.