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Verba Unified Call Recorder service provides a handler to Speakerbus iCDS (Internetworking Call Data Service) call event streams and to record media.

Verba can act either as a client connecting to configured iCDS services or act as a server accepting a connection from any iCDS service.


  • ICDS Addresses: list of ip:port of iCDS servers Verba should connect. Please note this is required only if Verba cannot be configured as iCDS connection server for some firewall considerations.
  • ICDS port: Verba listens by default on TCP 7788 to iCDS connections. The preferred and default operation mode is acting as server
  • Station Timeout: drop registered turret contexts if neither keepalive nor any call event is received anymore
  •  The optimized data model is the Data models which is important if silence suppression is utilized.
  • Review the Media Recorder and Media Processing configuration. For more information on voice activity detection and call splitting, see Configuring voice activity detection and call splitting for trader voice recording.

If redundant recording is not used, you only need the primary port/addresses configured.