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  • The recorder services (Unified Recorder Service, Passive Recorder Server, etc.) do not attempt to write the metadata to the database during recording. The services create the metadata XML files on the disk as in the normal mode.

  • The Storage Management Service uses the local configuration to upload the data (media + metadata files) to a preconfigured storage target (any SMB storage medium or Azure File/Blob storage accessible from the cloud)

  • On the on-premise Application Servers (Media Repositories), the Import Service downloads (media + metadata files) and import the data from the cloud storage target.

  • On the on-premise Application Servers (Media Repositories), the Storage Management Service uploads the media files to the final storage target, just like the Storage Management Service does on an on-premise Recording Server.


  • Since the database records are only inserted after the recording is finished and the data is downloaded and imported, features related to ongoing calls are not available:
    • No ongoing recordings
    • No on-demand recording
    • No controlled recording
    • No silent monitoring
  • Data management policies cannot be applied to the external Recording Server, the Storage Management Service can only support uploading all data to the pre-configured storage target.
  • Encryption and signing can be optionally configured. 
  • Upload related features, such as retention period configuration, and voice quality checks are not supported on the external Recording Server. However, these features can be enabled once the data is imported.
  • Alerts cannot be directly inserted into the database (via the database API on the Application Servers/Media Repositories), instead, the alerts can be uploaded to the cloud storage target and imported by the Import Service in the same way as recordings. Alternatively, other alert targets can be used such as SMTP, SNMP.
  • Shared server configurations are not supported