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Extending the current recording rule functionality, three new Microsoft Teams specific extension configurations were introduced in version

titleAvailable in 9.6.9
and later

The new settings are intended to regulate selective recording settings provide additional controls on how the system should handle meetings for recorded users.

The new settings are

record Microsoft Teams voice, video and screen share calls:

  • Record only if an external user is participating
  • Record video only for external users
  • Record only scheduled meetings

The These settings are taken into account only in the case of only supported for Microsoft Teams meetingsrecording.

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External participant means that the participant's Microsoft Tenant ID of the participant is different from the recorded user's Microsoft Tenant ID of the recorded user. The Tenant ID diffrent is different:

  • if the participant is part of
an other
  • another Teams tenant,
  • or the participant is represented by a PSTN number,
in the case of PSTN participants the roster contains or the recorded user's Microsoft Tenant ID or
  • or it is empty.



Record Only if External User is Participating

If the setting is enabled, the meeting, which the recorded user


participating in, will be recorded only when at least one external participant is on the meeting. The recording starts when the first external participant enters the meeting, ends when the last external participant leaves the meeting.

Record Video Only for External Users

If the setting is enabled, the video modality will be only recorded


for external participants


at a meeting. The Verba Microsoft Teams Bot service won't subscribe


to an internal user's video stream at all.

Record Only Scheduled Meetings



The Verba Microsoft Teams Bot receives the meeting


invite if a


regulated user joins a meeting. The invite contains the Microsoft Azure Object ID of the meeting organizer. 



organizer field is a line-separated multi-string type field, add the Microsoft Azure Object ID of the desired users, service accounts. If the Verba Microsoft Teams Bot


identifies the meeting


organized by the configured users, it will


initiate recording after the recorded user joined the meeting. 



The Verba Microsoft Teams Bot service uses the following Graph API endpoint: 
New Graph API permission is



The Verba Microsoft Teams Bot expects a regular expression as a setting if subject-based filtering is required.


Limitation: The subject-based filtering only works with scheduled


meetings. It doesn't support 'Meet Now' meetings, those are not accessible


through the Calendar API.