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  • Create a report definition in JasperSoft iReport DesignerStudio (community edition), which results in a .jasper file.

  • Create a custom XML file according to the guidelines in this part
  • Copy the .jasper file to C:/Program Files/Verba/tomcat/webapps/verba/reporting/report (assuming default installation path)

  • Copy the XML file to C:/Program Files/Verba/tomcat/webapps/verba/reporting/xml (assuming default installation path)

JasperSoft iReport DesignerStudio is a free report design designer environment where you can build reports from relational, non-relational and custom data sources, customize the look and feel, and also export to several formats. You can create the reports in the Designer application easily, and they will be automatically recognized by the Verba system. You can download the iReport JasperSoft Studio report designer preconfigured here:

These XML files MUST follow the structural and creational guidelines described in this guide. The wrong configuration might affect data processing, which affects the results and may lead to displaying incorrect data. 
Verba Technologies takes no responsibilities for any issues caused by neglecting these guidelines.

When the files describing the report are in place, the system automatically recognizes them and makes the new report type available on the web interface.