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Starts screen capturing immediately.
This allows adhoc screen capturing even outside of phone calls. The files will be created only locally, it won't create a new record in the database.

Parameterspass = API passcode (optional)
Return value

Positive result:

  • 'OK'
    • only two letters are returned
    • OK is returned even if screen capturing was already enabled

Failure result:

  • 'ERROR:<code>:<description>'
    • the first 5 characters of the response are 'ERROR'
    • followed by a ':' (colon)
    • <code> is a 4 character error code
    • followed by a ':' (colon)
    • <description> textual description of the error

Defined error codes:

  • 'AUTH' - request authentication error
  • 'WRST' - wrong state, capturing has been started already