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  • Virtual machines have to be created in Azure with Recording Server roles which will host the Verba Microsoft Teams Bot service and the Unified Call Recorder service. It is recommended to have the servers in the same region as the Teams tenant. The servers need to have a public IP address.
  • For resilient and/or high volume configurations, multiple virtual machines (running the Recording Server role) has to be deployed. In order to distribute the load across multiple Verba Microsoft Teams Bot services, an Azure Application Gateway has to be deployed in front of the VMs.
  • A new CNAME entry has to be created in a public domain, pointing to the Verba virtual machines in Azure.
  • A publicly signed certificate is required for the virtual machines. Only CSP certificates are supported (CNG/KSP certificates are not supported). The SAN configuration of the certificate must include the virtual machines (with the public domain). Using asterisk in the SAN is accepted. The private key of the certificate has to be exportable.
  • Configure the firewall rules both on the operating system and the Azure virtual machine level.
  • If you are expecting more than 100 simultaneous recorded calls in your tenant(s), the bot has to be whitelisted by Microsoft to remove the throttling limits in the Graph API

The following permissions and roles required to configure the system: