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Step 6       Select Turret Boot Settings tab, select the Expert mode Tab within, and select Recorder settings.

Step 7      Set the Recorder keep alive timeout (default recommended value is 1300)and set   

Step 8      Set the following options to True:

      • Recorder keep alive


      • Send device type information
      • Recorder parse displayname in UTF8
      • Recorder wait DDI master callID

Separated recorder mode

Recording channels should not be set for separated mode, any defined channels should be removed

Mixed recorder mode

If mixed recording mode is used for turret based recording, it is necessary to set Recording channels.


Step 3       Go to the Basic Mode tab and define the Recording channel devices (Hints are provided by the right side in the  icon)

Separated recorder mode


Step 4       Select the Expert mode Tab, and set Send multi calls information to true.

TPO-based recording configuration


Step 9       Click on the Update button to save the changes.


The TPO should be added as a recorded extension in Verba, the Type of the extension has to be set to User/Agent ID, and the description should be TPO. This extension should not can be assigned to a technical user, or left unassigned.

titleRetention of TPO recordings

The media records from the TPO cannot be deleted as long as CDR records from users are referencing it. If Data retention is utilized, this means that the media records are implicitly under the longest retention. It is recommended to set this retention explicitly if Automatically Delete Conversations after the Retention Period is Over is used in the Upload policy.
In this case the best practice is to assign the TPO extensions to a technical user, and set the highest retention period for this technical user.

Configuring Redundancy

Step 1        In theRecording server configuration two recording servers should be provided