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FeatureOperation for advanced data model for voice


CDR-only (and standard) records are shown by default, the user can switch to show Media-only records as well.

Related Media-Only records can be filtered and displayed for a selected CDR-Only record.


Requires post processing to stitch and cut Media-only records to CDR-only records. Seamlessly integrated into web based playback, media files are generated temporarily and cached.

Playback of Media-Only records is also possible, in that case, not stitching is done.

Silent MonitoringNot supported

Data retention

Set for both CDR-only and Media-only records, for more information see Data retention
On WORM storages: only Media-only records have retention period setting


Media-only records have their own retention, for more information see Data retention

Voice quality check and transcoding

Applies to media-only records


Supported for CDR-only records using media stitching


Calls can be exported either with stitched media (standard model) or as per advanced/turret model


Both standard and advanced/turret model is supported

Desktop/agent screen recording

Not supported

Advanced data model for instant messaging

This model is designed for modern instant message platforms like Microsoft Teams which provides advanced features like message threads with replies, rich content with images, file attachments, stickers, animated GIFs, emoticons, reactions, etc. This model allows Many-to-Many relations between CDR entries and media records and chat messages by differentiating 3 types of records in the database:

  • CDR-only: CDR-only records contain CDR information representing a chat conversation/room (usually from a recorded user point of view) and reference to one or more Media-only records
  • Media-only: a Media-Only record represents the chat messages for a day (in UTC timezone) for a chat conversation/room, one media-only record is shared across multiple CDR-only records
  • Chat messages: chat message records represent single chat messages, these records are linked to Media-Only records, and through that CDR-Only records

This data model allows storing a single copy of the chat messages in the case of chat conversations/rooms where multiple conversation records are referencing a single media entry (e.g. from multiple recorded users' points of view). The Media-Only records are generated on a daily basis (in UTC timezone) for each chat conversation/room. Chat messages are then stored individually and referenced by the daily Media-Only records. Separately, CDR-Only records are created to represent the chat conversation or room from the recorded users' points of view. The 2 record types are linked in the database, creating a many-to-many relationship. Since normally only CDR-Only records have the complete metadata, the system hides the Media-Only records by default during search and display (display of Media-Only records can be enabled). Media-Only records are basically technical records representing an optimized storage model. When a user views a CDR-Only record, the system automatically looks for related Media-Only records and related chat messages in the database.

The following table describes the effect of the advanced data model on key features:

FeatureOperation for advanced data model for voice


CDR-only records are shown by default, the user can switch to show Media-only records as well. Related Media-Only records can be filtered and displayed for a selected CDR-Only record.

Records are displayed in a special way:

  • The system displays a CDR-Only record with start times only (no end time or duration) representing a whole hour if there was at least one message captured during that hour. A single chat conversation can be represented by multiple CDR-Only records displayed in the search results with hourly splitting. This way the system is able to show the chat conversations mixed with other record types which are more session-centric with actual start and end times.
  • The start of the Media-Only records set to the first message received for the day and the end time is always the end of the day in UTC timezone


Seamlessly integrated into the web based viewer, shows the chat conversation in rich content format with lazy loading

Data retention

Set for Media-only records only, for more information see Data retention


Media-only records have retention setting only, for more information see Data retention


A separate policy based export is available to export data in SMTP format only, see Advanced IM Export policy

Advanced export, standard policy based export (including direct export) are not supported


Not supported