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In case of Media Repository failure, current user sessions served on the server, will be lost. Users will be logged out automatically and they will need to login back again. The load balancer will route their new login request through the next available Media Repository server. When a specific feature is tied to certain Media Repository (e.g. archiving) and the server fails, ongoing processes are interrupted and when the server is operational again, new tasks will be processed normally.

When deploying multiple Media Repositories, one of the servers needs to be designated as a Primary Media Repository and all the others as Secondary servers. Certain features can only be enabled on one of the servers, such as data retention policies.

Disabling Data Retention Policy Execution on the Secondary Media Repositories

The following steps have to be done in order to disable the Data Retention policy execution on the secondary servers:

Step 1 - Log in to the Verba Web Interface.

Step 2 - Go to the Administration \ Verba Servers menu.

Step 3 - Select a secondary Media Repository server.

Step 4 - Go to the Change Configuration Settings tab.

Step 5 - Expand the Storage Management \ Data Retention node and set the Enabled setting to No.

Step 6 - Save the configuration then execute the changes.

Repeat the steps on all secondary Media Repositories.