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By default, Verba uses HTTPS protocol for the NetApp connection. Netapp does not support HTTPS, only HTTP for direct vFiler connection.

There are two options:

  1. Use direct connection with the vFiler using HTTP
  2. Tunneling Snaplock requests via the filer which supports HTTPS for this

If HTTP connection is required (option 1, the host/IP must be the vFiler), then the Host Name or IP Address field must be populated in the following format: http://hostname_or_ipaddress.

If the vFiler tunneling feature is used (option 2, the host/IP must be the filer), then the instance name has to be specified after the Host Name or IP Address filed after a comma (,) or semicolon (;). Example: hostname;instancename , http://ipaddress,instancename

Netapp on vFilter does not support HTTPS

Configuring connection protocol for Cluster-Mode


  • vserver show
  • node show


cluster FQDN is netapp.verbalabs.comIP of the filer is

verbalabs::> vserver show
Admin Operational Root
Vserver Type Subtype State State Volume Aggregate


Then hostname fields value is: