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LetterLog entries
VVerbose output
OOut-of-disk-space messages
IStatus messages
CInitial UI parameters
EAll error messages
WNon-fatal warnings
AStartup of actions
RAction-specific records
MOut-of-memory or fatal exit information
UUser requests
PTerminal properties
XExtra debugging information.
*Wildcard for adding all parameters, except the V and X.
+Append to existing file
!Flush each line to the log

Quiet Mode

Quied Quiet mode enables the installation of the Verba software with a single command, without using the GUI. In this case, all settings going to be set based on the provided parameters.


If quiet mode being is used, the SKIPSQLSEQUENCE=1 parameter is mandatory!


ParameterDescriptionMandatoryDefault valueSample

The role to be installed on the server. Available values:

  • MR - Media Repository
  • RS - Recording Server
  • Combo - Single Server
  • AS - Announcement Server
  • LF - SfB/Lync Filter
  • LFRC SfB/Lync Filter and Media Collector
  • RS - Media Collector and proxy
  • SA - Speech Analitycs Server
FILTERINSTALLFOLDERApplication installat installation folder. C:\Program Files\Verba\FILTERINSTALLFOLDER=D:\Apps\Verba\
MEDIAMedia folder. C:\Program Files\Verba\media\MEDIA="D:\Verba media\"

Sets if the advanced certificate based secure communication going to be used.

  • 0 - Legacy mode
  • 1 - Advanced certificate based connections
VCERTTHUMBLABELThe thumbprint of the server certificate.  VCERTTHUMBLABEL=6B5A1D380F5D73BB3A9C0EC47936E6785221A7DC
VCACERTTHUMBLABELThe thumbprint of the CA certificate. (Verba CA)  VCACERTTHUMBLABEL=7E2349566838AB58306BAB13D45447E25173D8AC
VSERVICEUSERNAMEUsername for the service user. If not set, then Local System is going to be used as a service account.Yes, if the VNATIVELOGON is set to 1. VSERVICEUSERNAME=contoso\srv-verba

Sets if the SQL database going to be created.

  • 0 - The isntaller installer creates the database, and builds the schema
  • 1 - No database creation
Yes, if the installer runs in quiet mode.0SKIPSQLSEQUENCE=1
SKIPREGISTRATIONCHECKIf set to 1, the node won't register itself in the Verba database. 0SKIPREGISTRATIONCHECK=1

Sets format for the registration.

  • 0 - NETBIOS name
  • 1 - FQDN

Sets authentication type for the SQL access.

  • 0 - SQL account
  • 1 - Windows account
SQLADDRESSThe address of the SQL server. (local)SQLADDRESS=sql1
SQLCATALOGThe name of the SQL database. verbaSQLCATALOG=verba
SQLUSERSQL username. saSQLUSER=contoso\srv-verba
SQLPASSWORDSQL password. Verba456+SQLPASSWORD=P@ssw0rd
VSSLCERTIFICATEPATHPath to the SSL certificate .crt file.  VSSLCERTIFICATEPATH=C:\certs\verbassl.crt
VSSLKEYPATHPath to the SSL certificate .key file.  VSSLKEYPATH=C:\certs\verbassl.key
VSSLPASSWORDSSL certificate key password.  VSSLPASSWORD=P@ssw0rd
LOGON_USERNAMEUsername for the service user at the filter services.Yes, if the SELECTEDROLE is set to LF or LFRC. LOGON_USERNAME=contoso\srv-verba
LOGON_PASSWORDPassword for the service user at the filter services.Yes, if the SELECTEDROLE is set to LF or LFRC. LOGON_PASSWORD=P@ssw0rd
RESOLVEDIPV4The IP address of the server.  RESOLVEDIPV4=
ADMIN_PASSWORDAdministrator password.Yes, if the SELECTEDROLE is set to MR or Combo. ADMIN_PASSWORD=P@ssw0rd
MRHOSTFirst Media Repository server address.  MRHOST=testmr1
API_PASSWORDAPI user password.  API_PASSWORD=P@ssw0rd