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The Verba Recording System supports direct Genesys integration as part of the Verba Cisco JTAPI ServiceUsing this integration the recording system provides access to Genesys specific call data.



The Genesys integration is only available when using Cisco network-based recording.

Collected Genesys parameters (configurable)

  • ANI
  • DNIS
  • Call Type
  • This Party
  • This Party Role
  • This Party Queue
  • This Party Trunk
  • Other Party
  • Other Party Role
  • Other Party Queue
  • Other Party Trunk
  • Call UUID
  • UserData.GSIP_REC_FN

Configuring the Cisco Central Recording Service for Genesys integration

The Cisco Genesys integration is built-in into your standard Verba Recording System solution.