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Step 3 - Set configuration (an API Key and API User has to be set in advance on the RLS)

If the configuration is correct and the RLS was accessible, then the RLS information will be shown on the License screen:


  • If the RLS has to be changed, then just set up a new one exactly the same way as the first one was set up
  • If no RLS is needed anymore, then the RLS can be unbind unbound by uploading a license file on the License Information screen
  • Both the former and the new RLS will be informed about the change


The License Information screen displayes the cumulate numbers by default, but the independent usage also can can also be viewed by selecting a server from the clients listbox:


The listbox shows the clients' host name (or the Verba Cluster ID in case of multiple MRs), and the last date the client sent its license usage.

Technical Information

  • The settings are stored in JSON format on the hard driver in Verba\settings\license-rls.json
  • Modifications to the settings file become effective immediately
  • Local and remote license usage are stored in the SQL database within the RLS cluster
  • The RLS does the daily license check one hour later than the other daily jobs to ensure that the clients have already sent the usage
  • If a client sends the usage after the RLS already did the license check, then the RLS will does the license check again