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After setting the search criteria, the system stores the field values, so whenever the user loads the search page the previous settings are restored and displayed. To reset the fields, click on the Reset Search link in the bottom right corner of the search panel, or click on the  button on the top.

Basic Search Options

Saving and reusing search criteria

It is possible to save several different search criteria, then reuse them whenever it's required. For more information, see: Reusing search criteria - saved queries


The time interval of the search results can be set under the Interval section. The left date represents the oldest time of the recordings and the right one is the oldest. This criteria works based on the Start Time property of the recordings.


In case of multiple filters, there will be AND logic between the filters.

For more information about the available fields, see: Search fields

For more information about the available operators, see: Search filter operators

Users can remove previously added criteria by clicking on the  icon on the left side of the panel.