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Configure extensions

After finalizing the configuration of the recording services, make sure you have added the extensions you want to record to the Verba extension list. This can be done manually (Extension list) or using Active Directory Synchronization.

Configuring recorder numbers/lines (Huawei only)

In the case of the Huawei platform, the recording access codes (phone number(s) to which recorder call is routed) have to be configured at the Verba side.

Under Recording Providers \ Huawei \ Recorder Extensions/Lines add number(s) to which recorder calls are routed from Huawei PBX.

 For Huawei side configuration please refer to Telephone recording section

Configuring advanced network-based recording

With the advanced network-based recording configuration load-balancing and mid-call failover can be achieved. For the configuration steps see Configuring advanced network-based recording.