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This document summarizes the policies of our support and maintenance service for Verba Technologies software solutions. We always focus on excellent customer service and are committed helping our partners and customers achieve the most out of their technology investments.

The extensive support and maintenance service provided by Verba Technologies includes the following (see the detailed definition of the individual components and terminology further below):

  • multi-channel contact options during business hours

  • major and minor release upgrades to our software solution

  • second and third level support

We understand that organizations have their own system support philosophy and infrastructure and may require special arrangements. If needed, Verba Technologies will be happy to accommodate these requirements and work together to develop a detailed support agreement.


Verba Technologies provides a standard software warranty according to the standard End User License Agreement.

Contact methods

Support cases can be reported by phone, email or through our support site. On-site support is also available for a per-case fee or based on a modified support contract.




Support portal

(P1 and P2 must be logged via this portal)

The support portal is available 24/7 anywhere in the world. It provides an extensive self-service framework to troubleshoot and solve support issues by searching the knowledge base and online product documentation. Customers and partners can submit support cases through the portal (staffed from 9 AM to 5 PM (CET, EST) on workdays)). and

Support by email

E-mail address staffed in business hours (from 9 AM to 5 PM (CET, EST) on workdays).

Support by phone

Staffed in business hours (from 9 AM to 5 PM (CET, EST) on workdays).

+1 (201) 546-9203

On-site support

On-site support is only available if no remote access is provided or the problem cannot be solved remotely. On-site support fee is not included in the initial support fee; it is always calculated on case by case basis.


When an issue is reported, Verba Technologies support team will:

  • Make all efforts to immediately resolve the issue

  • If an issue cannot be resolved immediately, support either request further information or informs the customer of a callback time with an issue update

  • Log all issues in Verba Technologies trouble reporting/ticketing system for tracking and analysis of possible trends

When reporting an issue, we request the customer supply the following information:

  • Name, phone number, and email address

  • The date and time at which the issue occurred

  • A detailed description of the issue, with software versions

Software Version Updates

As an innovator, Verba Technologies is committed to continuously providing application software enhancements and maintenance releases in response to new opportunities and challenges. Verba Technologies aims to offer its customers unconditional access to these releases. Depending on the service option selected, you can obtain the latest application maintenance and minor releases in addition to major software version releases.

The service includes the following:

  • Minor release upgrades (or patches) to our software product on request, publicized to our customers

  • Major Application Software Releases that significantly enrich the functionality of the product and are provided to the customer at no additional charge. Such updates are limited to Application Software releases that have been validly licensed and either purchased separately or included in and covered under a valid, continuous maintenance contract

  • These services usually do not include the installation or configuration of the updates

Support Level Definitions




Zero Level Support

Whenever a 3rd party product is involved, Verba Technologies support service assumes zero level support.  When a Verba Technologies software product is involved, the Verba Technologies support team will troubleshoot the software. Once the issue is determined to reside in the 3rd party product, the Verba Technologies support team will contact the 3rd party for resolution. Please note Verba Technologies support team is not able to support any 3rd party product.

First Level Support

The ability to provide general product information (pre-sales and post-sales), Software configuration, installation, and upgrade support; collect relevant technical problem identification information; resolve known problems, provide basic internetworking troubleshooting expertise; provide basic support on the standard protocols and features; Capture network traces, provide regular problem resolution status reports to the End User; maintain knowledge of the End User's network.

Second Level Support

The ability to resolve the majority of complex configuration problems by troubleshooting and simulation; software problems; determination of product specification defects; provide lab simulation and interoperability and compatibility testing for new software releases prior to being deployed into an End User’s production network; define an action plan for troubleshooting / resolution; provide advanced support on all protocols and features; have the ability to analyze traces, diagnose problems remotely and provide Verba Technologies with complete steps to reproduce a problem; test in lab before deployment of possible fix.

Third Level Support

Resolving unknown problems such as problems reported to Verba Technologies’ support team for the first time in which no documentation exists on the problem; Resolving problems associated with an identified bug that is not yet published; fixing or generating workarounds for software bugs and troubleshooting bugs that were not diagnosed or resolved during Second Level Support.


Tools used by our support team

During the course of providing support services, our support team may ask the customers’ representative to use some of the tools listed in the following table. We may only be able to provide a lower level support service if it is not possible for our engineer to use these tools.




Verba Log and Configuration Collector

This tool collects troubleshooting related information from a Verba server and packs it into a compressed file. The tool is part of the Verba Web interface. For further information please see Log and Configuration Collector

Verba Capture

This command line utility is able to collect and store network traffic, without analyzing it. In certain cases, error situations can only be recreated in our lab, if traffic log is sent to our support center. Our team deletes all such files from our systems as soon as the file is processed by our engineers.

Remote Login Session

This provides case-by-case remote screen control for our support team. Using WebEx, SfB/Lync or LogMeIn Rescue screen sharing, your engineer can hand temporary control to our engineer to relevant servers for the period of the support session. For security reasons, this process will only be followed if you have contacted the support number.

Severity Description and Response Times

The following table summarizes our support guidelines for case response and resolution.


Priority / Severity


Response Time

P1 / Urgent

Production system down

Critical impact to business operations

No workaround available

Issue response targeted at 2 hours

Issue resolution is targeted for 4 hours

P2 / High

System severely degraded

Significant Impact to business operations

No workaround available

Issue response targeted at 4 hours

Issue resolution is targeted for 8 hours

P3 / Normal

System functionality degraded

Business operations noticeably impaired

Customer in frequent contact

Issue response targeted at 8 hours

Issue resolution is targeted for 48 hours

P4 / Low

General assistance

Installation, upgrade, or configuration assistance

General product information

Issue response targeted for 2 business days