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Phone Number Masking


Miscellaneous settings for the Verba Web Application.


Configuration Parameter Name


HTTP Access Enabled

HTTP access enabled or disabled in Verba Web Application is enabled. This setting does not have any effect on services (e.g. Verba XML Services), which are available only through HTTP.

Font Setting

The name of the font used on the entire web interface. The following valid values apply: Arial, Arial Narrow, Tahoma, Verdana, etc.

Event Log Purging Threshold (days)

If this value is set to greater than 0, then a process deletes all event log entries older than the defined value on each day. If the value is set to zero, the deletion will be disabled.

Default List Page Size

The number of listed records on one page.

Maximum Active Sessions

Defines the maximum number of simultaneous user sessions for the Verba Web Application. If a new user tries to log in after the value is reached, the user will be rejected. Verba XML service sessions are not counted.

Maximum Query Rows

Sets the maximum number of rows to retrieve in the result set of the call lists (results of the search screen).

Support Site URL

URL of the support site, which is available as a link in the menu of the web interface.

Click2Dial Enabled

Enable or disable Click2Dial feature.

Cisco Unified Communications Manager IP Address or Hostname

IP address or Hostname of the Cisco Unified Communications Manager. This parameter is used in the Click2dial feature.

Video Transcoding EnabledIf this setting is turned on, users are able to initiate video transcoding jobs in the Verba Player. This video transcoding function enables to convert VF (Verba Media Format) files to standard Windows Media Video (WMV) files.
Hide Menu Item(s)Comma(,) separated list of menu items, which has to be disabled on the web interface.
Record URL Clipboard Copy in Search List EnabledIf this setting is turned on, call lists will include an icon, which allows to copy the URL pointing to the given call to the client computer's clipboard.
Display Alert after Clipboard Copy DisabledIf this setting is turned on, the system will NOT display an alert message if an UTL pointing to a call is copied to the client computer's clipboard.
Publishing EnabledIf this setting is enabled, the users are able to publish and share recordings and other users can access these records through the Verba Publishing Server. The default URL of this server: http://x.x.x.x/verba/pub
Exported Call File Name Format

Defines the filename convention used when the user downloads multiple calls from the user interface. The following variable fields are available:


You can also define meta data fields to be added to the file name: [meta_field] where the 'field' part should be the Field Identifier variable configured as a Metadata Template Field.

You can use any type of other characters to separate the fields. If this parameter is empty, the default setting is applied: [caller]--[called]_[year]-[month]-[day]_[hour]_[minute]

Enable direct download
folder field on export page
Enables the direct download option from the conversation export view.
Conversation export direct
download target folder
When the direct download option is used with conversation export, the conversations are first downloaded to the local drive of the Media Repository by default, and then the user can download from there. Using this configuration setting, this can be changed and another temporary location can be selected.
Send License Email Notifications

Determines when license alerts are sent to the administrators. Available Options:

  • Only On Violation
  • When Approaching the Limit

Wave formatter settings

Configuration settings for the Verba Wave Formatter service.