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After clicking on the play icon of a conversation in the conversation list, the Verba player automatically appears (from the bottom), loads the media file, and starts playing back the recorded conversation.

The key components of the Verba player are shown here:

The playback controls are displayed below the waveform display. Use these controls to adjust the volume level and perform basic playback tasks such as play, pause, stop, rewind, and fast-forward the audio and video files.

The following table explains the function of each control.

Player Control Icon



Player Settings

Provides additional settings for the playback, including:

  • Hiding the markers on the waveform
  • Showing absolute time instead of relative time on the waveform
  • Playback speed control
  • Skipping silence

The settings set here will be saved, and applied for every subsequent playback action.


Jumps to the beginning of the media.

Fast reverse

Fast reverses, if applicable.


Stops the media playback (and repositions to the beginning).


Starts playing the stopped or paused media.


Pauses the media playback.

Play selected

Starts playing the selected timeframe.

Select a timeframe by following these steps:

  • Move the mouse over the timeline area.
  • Press the left mouse button and drag it to left/right to select a timeframe.
  • Release the mouse button and the area will be highlighted.

Fast forward

Fast forwards, if applicable.


Jumps to the end of the media.

Volume control

Drag the volume bar and move the mouse to the left to decrease or to the right to increase the volume. The setting set here will be saved, and applied for every subsequent playback action.

Balance control

Drag the balance bar and move the mouse to the left to mute the right speaker or to the right to mute the left speaker(Available using Internet Explorer). *


Resizes to full screen.  This button is only available when the media type is video.

* Media files recorded in stereo format can be played back from the view of only one of the participants using the Verba special balance control. The stereo recording has to be enabled in the Verba configuration.  For more information, see Verba Deployment Guide.

The playback position can also be changed using the mouse by clicking on the position bar (when the cursor changes to shape) and dragging it left or right.  When the mouse button is released, playback starts automatically.

Controlling the player by keyboard

A subset of the above control features is available as keyboard shortcuts:

Keyboard shortcut



Move the position bar/playback 1 second back.


Move the position bar/playback 1 second forward.


Strop/Pause the playback.


Increase the playback speed.


Decrease the playback speed.

CTRL+Page Up

Increase volume by 5%.

CTRL+Page Down

Decrease volume by 5%.

Waveform display

The waveform display provides a visual representation of the audio volume waveform when playback is initiated from the call list. The waveform generator supports all kinds of media types which are supported by the Verba system. If stereo media is played back, Verba generates one waveform for each channel.

Transcoding video files

Video conversation and desktop screen recordings are written into the highly efficient Verba Media Format by default.

Playback of those files requires the Verba Unified Media Codec on the client PC where the user plays back the conversations and using Internet Explorer.

Follow these steps to transcode and play a conversation from the Verba web interface:

Step 1 - Search for the conversation (Search menu on the top)
Step 2 - Click the Play button on the desired conversation
Step 3 - When the Verba player appears, click on the Transcode tab on the left side of the player

Step 4 - Select the video format, then click "Convert" and wait until the transcoding finishes (it will show the progress)
Step 5 - Click the "Play media file in standard format" link that appears (after this the next searches will play the new format automatically)

Text-based conversation view

When a text-based recording (Instant Message, SMS) is opened, the layout of the web-based media player is different. There are no playback controls, and on the left side, the IM conversation can be viewed.

Export options

The conversation can be exported in XLS, RTF, or PDF format by clicking on the links in the upper right corner of the conversation view.


The files sent during the IM conversation can be seen inline with the text messages. These files can be downloaded by clicking on the links in the conversation view.