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Verba solutions depend on a number of external factors that might cause degradation of the recording, replay and archiving functionality:

  1. Server hardware failures
  2. Operating system failures or configuration errors
  3. Network failures or configuration errors (both access and traffic spanning related)
  4. Database server problems
  5. Storage network failures
  6. System overload

The Verba Call Recording System is built to provide call recording and replay functionality around the clock.
Verba Technologies constantly improves the reliability of Verba software and builds active monitoring and automatic intervention solutions to cope with failure situations due to software and other external problems.

In this topic the monitoring and maintenance best practices are summarized that will help you operate Verba safely.

This topic does not deal with regular hardware, operating system and database monitoring and maintenance procedures. Your IT organization should take care of those parts according to respective product documentation or your existing processes.
We recommend designing and introducing monitoring procedures based on this article to ensure that problems are detected as early as possible to minimize downtime.

The following table shows a typical Verba Monitoring Plan:


Recommended frequency

HW, OS and database
(not detailed here)


functions in Verba

Service health checks


Memory monitoring


Volume monitoring


Idle monitoring


procedures for Verba

Test calls

(if security policies does not allow listening to actual recorded calls)

Simple system inspection


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