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Quick Reference Guide

A quick overview of the web interface, the web-based media player, the search screen and the Cisco IP phone app.

User Guide

This guide explains how to access, search, list and play back phone calls, how to share and publish media and how to work with Cisco phones.

Administration Guide

This guide is targeted for administrators responsible for managing user and group rights and register recorded phones and more.

Quality Management Guide

This guide is for contact center supervisors who manage quality assurance projects, design evaluation forms or evaluate and score interactions.

Speech Analytics Guide

This guide is for users who want to search in recordings and manage speech analytics.

Reporting Guide

This guide explains how to create and manage various reports and report types.

Dashboard Guide

This guide explains how to use the dashboard and configure widgets.

Operation and Maintenance Guide

This guide is for system managers working with monitoring, troubleshooting, SQL administration and backup/restore operations.

Deployment Guide

This guide is for system and network engineers who plan, install and configure Verba solutions.

  • PlanWhen you are planning your system you will have to make decisions about how you will deploy your system.
  • Install
  • ConfigureThe Verba Recording System needs configuration both in your network and in the system itself.

Integration Guide

This guide is for system architects and developers building integrated solutions (includes HTTP Business API, HTTP Single Sign-On API and more).

  • Branding and customizationThe Verba Web Application is designed to allow changes to the look and behavior.
  • Direct Database Access to CDRsCall detail records (CDRs) can be accessed directly in the SQL Server database.
  • Low-level XML Recorder APIThe Verba Recording System provides a low level XML API directly to the recording engines.
  • HTTP Single Sign-On APIThis API lets you integrate the Verba app into your user portals/intranets/extranets.
  • HTTP Business APIThis API lets you improve business processes by integrating the recording system with your applications. 
  • Direct URL AccessDirect URL Access provides allows external web apps to directly include features of the Verba Web Application. 
  • SSO with Active DirectoryThe web application can authenticate users using Microsoft Windows domain authentication information.
  • Provisioning APIThis web services API allows service providers to automatically create users and tenants. 
  • Desktop Agent HTTP APIThis API allows applications to integrate with the Verba Desktop Recorder to control screen capturing, add time markers and more.
  • Salesforce integrationUsing this integration, you can configure one click access to Verba recordings directly from Salesforce.
  • Metadata XML fields


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