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This document describes our standard online training services.

Scope of Training Services

This chapter describes what is, and what is not included in our standard training services.

What is included

  • written discussion of your special requirements for the training

  • English language online training session using Cisco Webex or Microsoft Skype for Business (and Lync)

  • up to 5 students

  • up to 2 hours

  • actual user interface training executed in your already deployed Verba system

What is NOT included

  • notification/booking with participants - your team is responsible to inform your participants
  • on-site training
  • training recording

How to book your training

Book your training by selecting the appropriate training session on the Verba Services booking site at

Training hours

Training shall be pre-scheduled and is available on weekdays between:

  • US EST: 7 AM - 5 PM
  • US CST: 7 AM - 4 PM
  • US PST: 7 AM - 2 PM
  • EU CET: 8 AM - 8 PM
  • UK BST: 8 AM - 8 PM
  • UAE AST: 11 AM - 8 PM
  • China/Hongkong/Singapore/Sydney
    CST/HKT/SGT/AEST: 3 PM - 10 PM

For timezones not listed here, please use the nearest time zone and convert the given time period.


All Verba Online Training Services are conducted in the installed / configured Verba environment of the customer the training is provided for.

In order to make the most of the training session the following prerequisites must be met before booking a training session:

  • A fully operational Verba System, with all installation and configuration tasks previously completed
  • Training attendee access (one attendee is sufficient) to the Verba Web Interface of the deployed system including
    • Verba Web Interface access via server IP / hostname / FQDN from a browser
    • Login credentials corresponding to the type of training session (e.g. Administrator user account for Admin Training, end user account for End User Training etc.)

Without the above, the training session cannot be completed and will need to be rescheduled.


On-site training - In case on-site training is required, please contact your Verba partner or sales representative.

Standard Online Training Services

Service articles are the following:

Article CodeArticle NameDescription
V4-T-EU-TVerba Online Training - End UsersLive, web-based training for end users (up to 5 students and 2 hours)
V4-T-ADM-TVerba Online Training - AdministratorsLive, web-based training for administrators (up to 5 students and 2 hours)
V4-T-QM-TVerba Online Training - Quality SupervisorsLive, web-based training for quality supervisors (up to 5 students and 2 hours)
V4-T-CS-TVerba Online Training - Compliance SpecialistsLive, web-based training for compliance specialists (up to 5 students and 2 hours)
V4-T-SP-TVerba Online Training - Speech AnalyticsLive, web-based training for speech analysts (up to 5 students and 2 hours)
V4-T-OT-TVerba Online Training - Operations TeamsLive, web-based training for operations teams (up to 5 students and 2 hours)
V4-T-ST-TVerba Online Training - Support TeamsLive, web-based training for support teams (up to 5 students and 2 hours)

For services outside of the above definitions, please contact your Verba partner or sales representative.

Training descriptions

Verba Online Training - End Users

The goal of the end-user training is to train end-users of the call recording solution to access the system, search for recordings, use the playback solution, understand access control and work together with other users on recorded calls.

  • Access control overview, users and groups
  • Web interface, login
  • Searching, call lists
  • Playback, player, markers
  • Download, export, direct link
  • Custom metadata
  • Available documentation


Duration - up to 1 hour

Verba Online Training - Administrators

The goal of the administrator training is to train operations and administrative personnel to be able to configure the recording system, add/remove users and recorded phone extensions, manage security/access control and execute maintenance activities.

  • Verba solution overview (architecture, deployment overview, servers, database)
  • Phone system integration and configuration details
  • Provisioning, organization administration, user and group administration, extensions, access control, AD integration, data retention
  • End-user skills for troubleshooting (login, searching/listing, playback/silent monitoring, phone service if available)
  • Basic troubleshooting (services, log files)
  • Available documentation
  • Accessing Verba support

In case Regulate (Ethical Wall) functionality is also used, the Administrator training includes an extra session for Ethical Wall specific configuration. This needs to be booked separately.

Duration - up to 2 hours

Verba Online Training - Ethical Wall

The goal of the Ethical Wall training is to show administrators and compliance experts how they can use the system to enforce company restrictions.

  • Verba Ethical Wall overview
  • Communication Policies (controlling voice, video, IM, …. sessions)
  • Content Policies (filtering file transfers and the content of IM messages)
  • Notifications and Disclaimers (sending notifications and disclaimers to defined parties)
  • Ethical Wall audit log
  • Available documentation
  • Accessing Verba support

Duration - up to 2 hours

Verba Online Training - Quality Supervisors

The goal of the quality supervisor training is to explain contact center supervisors, how to use the Verba solution to measure and improve quality of interactions in their contact center.

  • Verba Quality Management overview
  • Evaluation Projects (defining projects, filtering conversations, recurrence and sampling options)
  • Questionnaire Builder (creating quality assurance questions for analysis of conversations)
  • Quality Dashboard and Reports
  • Desktop Screen Capturing / Silent Monitoring and Coaching (when those are used/licensed)
  • Available documentation
  • Accessing Verba support

Duration - up to 1 hour

Verba Online Training - Compliance Specialists

The goal of the compliance specialist training is to explain legal compliance experts, how the Verba solution helps them manage compliance.

  • Verba Compliance Overview
  • Legal Hold (defining and managing legal hold)
  • Collaborative Call Selection (labeling)
  • Who is recorded? (reports, user administration)
  • Is it recorded? (reports and CDR reconciliation - when used)
  • Authorization requests and workflows
  • Available documentation
  • Accessing Verba support

Duration - up to 2 hours

Verba Online Training - Speech Analytics

The goal of the speech analytics training is to explain how to use Verba Speech Search to improve compliance and quality management processes.

  • Verba Speech Analytics Overview
  • Basics of phonetic search
  • Speech Indexing
  • Using speech search
  • Using speech search to automate categorization
  • Best practices
  • Available documentation
  • Accessing Verba support

Duration - up to 2 hours

Verba Online Training - Operations Teams

Two tracks are available. On request a combination of these can also be arranged.

Session for Monitoring/Maintenance

  • Call recording background
  • Verba solution overview
    • Architecture overview (Servers, Database, SSO)
    • Available documentation
  • End-User skills for troubleshooting (Login, Searching/Listing, Replay)
  • System Maintenance skills (Verba servers, SQL Server, Storage)
  • O&M skills
    • SNMP alerts, Troubleshooting
    • Accessing Verba support

Duration - up to 2 hours

Session for Administration (users, groups, rights etc.)

  • Call recording background
  • Verba solution overview (Architecture, Deployment overview)
  • End-User skills for troubleshooting (Login, Searching/Listing, Replay)
  • Provisioning, Organization administration, User and Group administration
  • Reporting

Duration - up to 2 hours

Verba Online Training - Support Teams

  • Overview of the call recording service
  • End-User skills (Login, Searching/Listing, Replay), Product features
  • First line support case resolution (Frequently asked questions, Typical support cases)
  • Support processes (contacts)

Duration - up to 2 hours

Customized and on-site courses

All standard courses include the possibility for customer specific customization, discussed with the trainer in advance or during the training.

Verba can also provide courses on the customers’ needs and can provide on-site courses basedonaspecial offers. Please contact your Verba partner or your sales representative.