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Release Notes Site

You can find all release notes for the Verba Platform at the site.

Release Documentation

The latest Verba release is Verint Verba 9.1 (see latest documentation).

We are also maintaining archived versions of documentation of earlier releases since 7.0.

Release cycle

Verba publishes one new major release roughly every ~18 months. New service releases with fixes are release approximately every ~2-3 months. Since version 5.0 we have moved to a more agile release cycle with faster release cycles for new features. Sometimes new features can get into the product within a month, this is enabled by our automated continuous build and automated regression testing.

At you can see:

  • the old release notes
  • release notes for the current release (an major release or a release update)
  • release notes for the latest public build, which is of good quality, but is not yet considered an Update
  • in-progress release notes for the upcoming public build, that shows changes not yet published, this gives you the possibility to peek into the progress of the latest bug fixes and improvements

Our version numbers consist of three parts: <major version>.<minor version>.<build number>.0 (e.g. 5.0.1575). The build number can become fairly large, since we are automatically building new versions of the entire software platform multiple times every day, so our testing and integration teams can work with the latest updates.

VersionRelease dateEnd of SaleEnd of Support
5.0Q2 2010Q3 2012Q3 2014
6.0Q2 2012Q4 2013Q4 2015
7.0Q3 2013Q1 2015

Q1 2017

Extended until 31st October 2017

8.0Q4 2014

3 months after the next major release

2 years after end of sale,
but minimum 3 years after release date

This information might change with 9-12 month notice. If you would like to get notifications, please contact

Verba supports each major release for minimum 36 months, during this period customers with valid maintenance agreement are eligible for minor updates and bug fixes for the specified version.


The Verba platform (known as Carin IP Call Recording before 2010) has been on the market since 2001 (until 4.0 the product was called Carin, the Verba branch started at version 5.0).

Actual release dates can be found on our release notes site at


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