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  • the web interface of the Verba Recording System is unavailable
  • central recording solutions for Cisco and Avaya phone systems are recording, but are not inserting calls into the call database


Due to a JDBC driver incompatibility the Verba Web Application Service and other Java-based database services are not able to connect to Microsoft SQL Server when the system is installed with Java 6 Update 29.


Update to the latest Java Runtime version 6. The recommended Java version is Java 6 Update 45.

If Java 6 Update 29 is installed on your system, please uninstall it before you install another Java version.

Applies to

This applies to the following versions of the Verba Recording System:

  • Verba Recording System 2010 (Verba 5.0)
  • Verba Recording System 6
  • Verba Recording System 7

This also applies to

  • Carin IP Call Recording 3.5
  • Carin IP Call Recording 4.0

More information

This issue seems to be caused by a J6U29 change in the behaviour of the standard class, that breaks the communication parts of the JDBC driver. See the related Java bug report on the Oracle Sun Developer Network: