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Effective after August 1, 2015


This guide explains licensing models, how to quote a Verba solution and how to install a license in the product.

There are two main ways to license the Verba platform:

  • "Perpetual License plus Support", and
  • "Software Subscription"

Learn more about these Verba License Models.

User Licenses - Regulate, Record and Analyze

The Verba solution helps you Regulate, Record and Analyze your Unified Communication interactions.

Verba user licensing is built around the same three concepts:

  • Presence Control
  • Legal Disclaimers
  • Session Control
  • Content Filtering
  • Instant Messages
  • Voice Monitoring and Coaching
  • Voice On-Demand
  • Voice Always-On
  • Desktop Screen
  • Video
  • Trader Voice / Turrets
  • Advanced Compliance
  • Quality Management
  • Speech Search

You only need to answer a simple question: "How many users will need the various features?".

There are no server licenses to consider, so you can quote the solution solely based on customer requirements.

Get a Quote

Quoting a Verba solution

A Verba quote can be created in 6 steps:

Step 1 - Platform License
Step 2 - User Licenses - Regulate
Step 3 - User Licenses - Record
Step 4 - User Licenses - Analyze
Step 5 - Installation Services
Step 6 - Training

Learn more about Quoting a Verba solution.

Installing your license

Find the steps in How to Install your Verba license.