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The Verba media player is a feature-rich multimedia tool that supports easy in-depth analysis of media recordings.

Features include:

  • Audio and video playback
  • Full playback control
  • Volume control
  • Speed control
  • Channel (left/right) control
  • Waveform display
  • Timeframe selection
  • Marker creation and management with commenting

The player is an embedded Windows Media Player (Active-X component) or uses HTML5 audio/video depending on the browser, with a fully customized layout and control.

The player is available on the Web Application (minimized at the bottom) when a conversation record is selected for playback.

Playback support in browsers

Internet Explorer 8 and belowInternet Explorer 9 and aboveChrome 14+Firefox 21+Safari 6+Chrome 14+Firefox 26+Chrome 14+Firefox 24+

Yes (tick)

Yes (tick)Yes (tick)Yes (tick)Yes (tick)Yes (tick)Yes (tick)Yes (tick)Yes (tick)

Yes (tick)

Yes (tick)Yes (tick)

Yes (tick)

-Yes (tick)-Yes (tick)-


  • For Internet Explorer, the audio and video playback works with Windows Media Player ActiveX component
  • For other browsers, the audio and video playback works with HTML5 audio and video capabilities using automatically transcoded mp3 and mp4 media files.

Test whether the required components are properly installed or not, by clicking on the waveform icon left to the Verba Player title in the top-left corner of the player frame. This test feature is only available when a recorded media file is selected to play from a conversation list. If one of the required components are not properly installed the test will fail.

Using the player