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The Verba media player is a feature-rich multimedia tool that supports easy in-depth analysis of media recordings.

Features include:

  • Audio and video playback
  • Full playback control
  • Volume control
  • Speed control
  • Channel (left/right) control
  • Waveform display
  • Timeframe selection
  • Marker creation and management with commenting

The player is an embedded Windows Media Player (Active-X component) or uses HTML5 audio/video depending on the browser, with a fully customized layout and control.

The player is available on the Web Application (minimized at the bottom) when a conversation record is selected for playback.

Playback support in browsers

Internet Explorer 8 and belowInternet Explorer 9 and aboveChrome 14+Firefox 21+Safari 6+Chrome 14+Firefox 26+Chrome 14+Firefox 24+

Yes (tick)

Yes (tick)Yes (tick)Yes (tick)Yes (tick)Yes (tick)Yes (tick)Yes (tick)Yes (tick)

Yes (tick)

Yes (tick)Yes (tick)

Yes (tick)

-Yes (tick)-Yes (tick)-


  • For Internet Explorer 8 and below, the audio and video playback works with Windows Media Player ActiveX component
  • For Internet Explorer 9 and above, the video playback works with Windows Media Player ActiveX component
  • For Firefox on Windows, the video playback works with Windows Media Player ActiveX component with plugin1
  • For other browsers, the audio and video playback works with HTML5 audio and video capabilities using automatically transcoded mp3 and mp4 media files.

1 The plugin can be downloaded from:

Test whether the required components are properly installed or not, by clicking on the waveform icon left to the Verba Player title in the top-left corner of the player frame. This test feature is only available when a recorded media file is selected to play from a conversation list. If one of the required components are not properly installed the test will fail.

Using the player