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This article contains a description of the Voice Quality Check feature.

The Voice Quality Check storage policy is implemented to check the quality of the voice recordings and detect noise, garbled voice and other problems. 

It is available as part of the upload policy (similar to the encryption/signing) and as a stand-alone policy.

It is recommended to configure quality checks with the upload policy (otherwise during the process the system will download the media file to the Verba server running the process and check the quality of the recording).

Running the quality check puts an extra ~15% load on the recording servers.

Scoring the call

 A total score is determined based on the following characteristics/features which may be extended in the future. The score of the call is the total of the feature scores, a feature score might become negative in case of several low scores to effectively reflect errors in the overall score. Scoring is done based on the following features:

 Recording statistics

  •  RTP loss
  •  SRTP decryption errors
  •  Decoding errors
  •  Media mixing errors

 Media features

  •  Volume
  •  Silence
  •  Noise
  •  Beeps and clicks
  •  Sharp amplitude changes
  •  Unnatural silence
  •  Waveform envelope variance

To see how to configure the policy in the system, refer to the Voice Quality Check action article.

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