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All Verba server roles can be virtualized. Most of the customer deployments are using virtualization today. The guidelines in the Server sizing and requirements article are based on virtualized environments. 

Certain Verba server roles run real-time media applications, and as such requires low-latency access to resources to perform according to specification and to sizing guidelines. This document provides an overview of the recommendations for provisioning the servers in a virtualized environment. Failure to follow the configuration recommendations provided can result in the loss of recording, application functionality, and data loss.

Tested and verified hypervisors

Verba server roles are tested and verified on the following virtualization platforms:

The system can be deployed on Cisco UC servers and Cisco ISR gateways as well. Both platforms use VMware vSphere for virtualization:

Other hypervisors

The system can be virtualized on other platforms as well, but Verba does not certify or test other platforms besides the ones mentioned above. It is the responsibility of the partner or the customer to verify interoperability on other platforms. It is highly recommended to read all the recommendations for the supported virtualization platforms and apply the same recommendations when applicable. Customers have already deployed Verba on:

  • Nutanix AVH (KVM based hypervisor)
  • Amazon EC2 (Xen based hypervisor)
  • Azure Hypervisor.

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