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The Verba Recording System can be easily virtualized using VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V technologies. All system components can be virtualized, but certain limitations may apply.

VMware (recommended)Microsoft Hyper-V

Supports all recording technologies and system components

The Verba solution is VMware Ready certified and Verba Technologies is a VMware Technology Alliance Partner.

See VMware related information

Supports all central/active recording solutions

NOT suitable for passive, port monitoring based recording technologies.

See Microsoft Hyper-V related information

In a Cisco environment you can run the Verba Recording System co-residently with virtualized Cisco Unified Communications applications.

In a Microsoft Lync environment you can run certain Verba components directly on the Lync servers.

Please read the relevant articles of this guide to become familiar with the recommendations and limitations. Note that when building high volume, high performance Recording Servers, that virtualization can cause up to 30% performance degradation compared to dedicated, physical servers.

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