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The Carin - Verba upgrade procedure consists of three essential steps.

Making a backup of the existing Carin installation

Step 1 Registry backup - Launch regedit from Start - Run..., Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE, right click on Carin and choose Export

Step 2 Media backup - After the registry backup is done, close regedit, open a file manager, navigate to the Carin media folder (by default it is C:\Program Files\Carin\media) and backup all files and directories

Step 3 Database backup - After the media file copying procedure is finished, open Microsoft SQL Management Studio, connect to the database engine, right click on the database named carin, select Tasks and choose Detach....
Navigate the file manager to the Microsoft SQL Server Data directory (default: C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.1\MSSQL\Data) and backup the carin.mdf database file.

Removing the existing Carin installation

Before starting the uninstallation procedure, please make sure that you have completed the steps in the previous part, and you have a valid backup of the registry values, the media files and the database.

Step 1 Launch Add or Remove Programs from Control Panel, select Carin and choose Uninstall

Step 2 Make sure you backed up the media files from this directory before! Start a file manager, navigate to C:\Program Files (assuming default installation path) and delete the Carin directory.

Make sure you have read and done everyting in the Making backups of existing installation part, and also have valid backups of registry datadatabase and media files.

Verba Technologies does not take responsibility for any data loss occuring during self-made upgrade.

Installing and configuring Verba Recording System and restoring from backup

In order to install the new Verba Recording System, please see Installation Overview.
After the regular installation procedure is finished, please follow these steps to restore the backups. The SQL script files mentioned in this topic can be located and downloaded from the Verba Technologies Portal's Support site

Step 1 Open Control Panel, Administrative Tools and launch Services

Step 2 Select all running Verba services and stop them one by one

Step 3 Start Microsoft SQL Management Studio and connect to the database server

Step 4 Right click on the database named verba, select Tasks and choose Detach...

Step 5 Attach the carin database from the backup, by right clicking on Databases, and selecting Attach...

Step 6 After the attachment is finished, rename the carin database to verba, or run rename-database.sql

Step 7 Execute the SQL script update-from-carin.sql.

This procedure can take several hours, depending on the database size and record count.

Step 8 Execute update.sql

Step 9 After the update script has stopped, start the previously stopped Verba services in Services

Step 10 Configure the Verba Recording System and the Verba services via the Web Interface.

Step 11 Copy the media files from the backup to C:\Program Files\Verba\media (assuming default installation path)

After these steps are completed, every password stored in the system, including the database connection's password has to be re-entered, and saved!

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