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Latest Release - Verba 8.9
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Possible error reasons and solution:

  • Could not open encrypted file: decryption certificate is not available: <certificate footprint>:

This error means that the required certificate is not installed on the client computer. The certificate's unique footprint is printed out to help identify which certificate is missing.

  • The program can't start because libsiren.dll is missing from your computer:

When you get this error then verify that the libsiren.dll is placed next to the verbaplayer.exe. The default installation path is: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Verba Player".

Log files and increasing the log level:

The Verba Offline Player writes it's log to the following file:


It supports command line parameters such as:

 Command Line Parameters:


verbaplayer.exe  [-c] [-d[=k]] [-n[=k]] [-s[=k]] [-h] [-i]


    • -c, --config

Displays Offline Player configuration

    • -d[=k], --debug[=k]

Debug mode, sets the log level to k; k=0..7, default is 4

7 insight
    • -n[=k], --numberlogfile[=k]

Sets the number of log files, k>0, default is 5

    • -s[=k], --sizelogfile[=k]

Sets the size of log files in bytes, k>1000000, default is 50000000

    • -i, --ignore

The command line window will not show up

    • -h, --help

Displays usage information and exits


You can create a shortcut for the executable file and for the shortcut path type: "VerbaPlayer.exe -d=7 -i", your log level will be the highest without any console popup window.

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