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The Speakerbus iSeries recorder integration relies on individual iSeries devices being responsible for the transmission of audio and call event information. The solution can essentially be split into 3 distinct areas. 

  •  Audio: Each iSeries device is able to transmit one or more simultaneous audio streams (VoIP) as encoded RTP (Real Time Protocol) over UDP (User Datagram Protocol). The codecs that are supported are G.711 (A-Law or μ-Law), G.729 (Annex A or Annex AB) and G.722.
  • Call Data Records (CDR): Each iSeries device is responsible for transmitting Call Data Records (CDR) that relate to events happening on that individual device.
  • iManager Call Data Service (iCDS): iCDS is a supervisory application that runs as a service on Microsoft Server operating systems. It acts as a multiplexer that receives CDR information from multiple iSeries devices and multiplexers the CDR information into a single stream that can be sent to multiple 3rd party devices / applications.

Speakerbus recording features

  • Certified Speakerbus recording solution
  • 2N recorder configurations
  • Compatible with trader voice recording data model
  • Support for VAD (voice activity detection) and media segmentation for long calls
  • All types of recording mix layouts are supported

Version support

Speakerbus Switch Name & Model


Supported Turret Types

iD808, iE801, iD712, SE 708

Supported iCDS Versions2.1 or later

If you are on a different version, contact you Speakerbus representative for more information.

Features not available

  • Silent monitoring only available for Media-Only records
  • Full / Always-on, Do-not-record, Never-record recording modes only (no On-demand, no Controlled)
  • Desktop Screen Capture is not available
  • No support for turret based playback


For configuring the system for Speakerbus recording, see Configuring Speakerbus recording

Speakerbus metadata

The system captures the following metadata specific to Speakerbus calls when CTI messages are available. These fields are available through the standard and the Speakerbus specific custom metadata template.

Metadata FieldDescriptionTemplateAvailableAvailable in
CDR-Only records
Available in
Media-Only records
Start DateStart date of the conversationStandardYesYesYes
Start TimeStart time on the conversationStandardYesYesYes
End DateEnd date of the conversationStandardYesYesYes
End TimeEnd time of the conversationStandardYesYesYes
DurationLength of the conversationStandardYesYesYes
UserName of the recorded userStandardYesYesYes
FromFrom addressStandardYesYesNo
From InfoFrom nameStandardYesYesNo
ToTo addressStandardYesYesNo
To InfoTo nameStandardYesYesNo
DirectionDirection of the call from the system perspective, requires configuring internal number/domain patternsStandardYesYesNo
Direction (User)Direction of the call from the recorded user perspectiveStandardYesYesNo
From (Verba)Name of the Verba user associated with the calling partyStandardYesYesYes
To (Verba)Name of the Verba user associated with the called partyStandardYesYesYes
LocationHostname of the recording serverStandardYesYesYes
End CauseNormal, Hold, Transfer, Conference, Device ChangeStandardYesYesYes
Audio CodecAudio codec of the recorded streamsStandardYesNoYes
Video codecVideo codec of the recorded streamsStandardNoNoNo
Platform Call IDUnique conversation identifier received from the recorded platformStandardYesYesYes
Silence RatioOnly for media-only recordsStandardNoNoNo
Talkover RatioOnly for media-only recordsStandardNoNoNo
Longest SilenceOnly for media-only recordsStandardNoNoNo
User ID / Agent IDTrader IDStandardYesYesYes
From DeviceRecorded turret IDStandardYesYesYes
To DeviceRecorded turret IDStandardYesYesYes
Dialed NumberOriginal dialed numberStandardNoNoNo
From IPIP address of the media sourceStandardYesYesYes
To IPIP address of the media sourceStandardYesYesYes
From Proxy IPIP address of the proxy server associated with the calling partyStandardNoNoNo
To Proxy IPIP address of the proxy server associated with the called partyStandardNoNoNo
Source PlatformSpeakerbusStandardYesYesYes
Conversation TypeVoiceStandardYesYesYes
Forward ReasonForward reason for the conversation (e.g. forwarded, transferred, team call, delegated, etc.) StandardNoNoNo
Recording failedOnly for media-only recordsStandardNoNoNo
Media LengthOnly for media-only recordsStandardYesNoYes
Media ErrorOnly for media-only recordsStandardYesNoYes
Voice QualityOnly for media-only recordsStandardYesNoYes
Record TypeCDR-Only, Media-OnlyStandardYesYesYes
2N SourceIn case of duplicate (2N) recording, records are marked as primary or secondaryStandardYesYesYes
DeviceHandset 1, Handset 2, Handsfree 1, Handsfree 2, Intercom Handsfree, Bridged HandsetsSpeakerbus YesYes
Conference Join/LeaveConference join/leave events (phone number or Trader ID (display name))Marker YesNo
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