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Available in version 8.4 and later

This page provides a guide to configure a Smarsh service as a Storage Target in Verba.

Smarsh provides a unified, search-ready repository and interface for fast, powerful e-discovery and automated, policy-based compliance supervision for email, instant messaging, text, web, video and social media communications.

For a general description of Verba Storage targets, please refer to: Storage targets

Please refer to the official Smarsh guide to configure the cloud service.

Creating a Smarsh target

Follow the steps below to create a new Verba Storage target for Smarsh:

Step 1 - Open the Verba Web interface then select Data > Storage targets from the top menu.

Step 2 - Click on Add New Storage Target

Step 3 - Fill in the configuration form according to the requirements in the following table.

Configuration itemDescription
NameName your storage target. This name will identify this target across the system.
TypeSelect Smarsh
Frontend URLSmarsh webservice URL
Application IDYour Smarsh Application ID
Account IDYour Smarsh Account ID
Source IDReferred to as CID in your Smarsh account
Public CertificateThe certificate that you received from Smarsh for your account

Step 4 - Click Save to save the settings

After this point the Storage target is available for use by other Verba components (e.g. Data retention policies).

Configuring SSL certificates for the API connection

Smarsh can be configured to accept SSL connections from trusted sources only. You can configure the trusted and signed certificates used by the Verba system on the servers directly. If you intend to use multiple Smarsh systems for Verba, you need to use the same certificates for all, because it is a server side setting in the Verba system. By default Verba uses its own self signed certificates for the SSL connection.

Follow the steps below to configure the certificates.

Step 1 - Copy the X.509 certificate and key files to the Verba server

Step 2 - Navigate to the System / Verba Servers

Step 3 - Click on the Verba server you would like to configure

Step 4 - Click on the Change Configuration Settings tab

Step 5 - Open the Storage Management / Upload Targets / Smarsh tree on a Verba Recording Server or the Storage Management / Storage Targets / Smarsh tree on a Verba Media Repository server or on a Verba Media Repository and Recording Server 

Step 6 - Configure a trusted custom X.509 certificate for the connection

Step 7 - Click the Save icon and follow the instructions on the page to apply the configuration on the server

Step 8 - Repeat the steps above on all Verba servers where you move files to Smarsh

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