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We recommend to review this topic and select your SQL Server edition based on your requirements.

For more information on the differences of the SQL Server editions, see


Conversations stored in the system at any momentRecommended SQL Server edition
less than 1.000.000 calls and instant messagesExpress Edition
more than 1.000.000 calls and instant messagesStandard or Enterprise Edition

If you have configured Data management policies in your system that automatically remove calls, you can plan for the maximum amount of calls that you store in the system at any moment, and not the total amount of calls you have recorded.


Different SQL Server editions, support different resiliency features. Choose the editions, which is most suitable for the resiliency requirements of the deployment. For highly available deployments, we recommend using Always On availability groups which are available in Enterprise edition only.

Database mirroringYesYes

Full safety only
Witness only
Always On failover cluster instancesYes

Number of nodes is the operating system maximum

Support for 2 nodes
Always On availability groupsYes

Up to 8 secondary replicas, including 2 synchronous secondary replicas
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