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Screen capturing overview

Verba Screen Capture module is an optional building block of the Verba Performance and Quality Management system. Contact center supervisors and managers are now able to monitor and evaluate agent performance by recording the content of the agent's computer desktop screen during the calls.

The lightweight screen capture agent module is installed on the agent computer and it automatically records the screen activity during the agent's calls. The recorded screen capture video files are automatically uploaded to the Verba Media Repository server, where the files are merged with the audio counterparts, providing a single, synchronized media file for playback. The upload process is configurable and it supports scheduling. As all other system components, these screen capture modules are also configured and managed centrally. Administrators can simply apply a common settings for all agent computers by a single mouse click, through a configuration profile on the web based management interface.

Screen capture features

The following lists summarize the Verba Desktop Recorder, that includes the Screen Capture module. This recorder is a lightweight software installed on the client PCs that need screen recording.

Recording features

  • Automatic recording mode - Automatically starts the screen capturing process when the associated calls are started and automatically stop the recording process after the call ends.
  • Invisible mode - The application can be configured to work completely invisible on the client PC.
  • Recording of after call wrap-up - Screen recordings can continue for configured amount of time after the phone call is finished
  • Automatic uploads - The screen capture video recordings are automatically uploaded and synchronized with the audio counterparts on the Media Repository server, this upload can can be immediate
  • Ability to choose which screen or window should be recorded - It is possible to choose from the following options:
  • Record Primary Screen Only
  • Record All Screens
  • Record Screen of Current In-Focus Window
  • Record Current In-Focus Window 

Screen recording features

  • Lossless screen video - Lossless, optimized video recording codec technology.
  • Low CPU utilization - when the Verba Screen Capture Codec is used, the CPU utilization is exceptionally low on the client PCs
  • Multiple codecs - The recordings can be stored in: Techsmith Screen Capture Codec: third party codec optimized for screen recording Verba Screen Recorder Codec: in-house compression technology highly optimized for screen recording based on latest image processing theories, Windows Media Screen Codec: widely supported format from mobile devices to home entertainment, built-in support for playback on Windows

Media export features

  • Flexible media export - The recordings can be published/exported in the following formats: Windows Media, MP4 (AAC audio, H.264 video)
  • Audio-only exports - Users can switch between the original audio and screen capture video files during playback or file download operations.

Features important for IT

  • PCI DSS compliance - Pause/Resume recordings during calls manually or through HTTP API
  • Support ofr Desktop virtualization - Recording Windows Terminal Server and other desktop virtualization sessions is supported
  • Multi-monitor support - Multi-monitor recording is supported as well, it can be configured to record primary screen only or all available monitors
  • Unattended installations - MSI based installer package with 100% unattended installation option
  • Centralized configuration - All desktop recorders are configured centrally from one point. The call association is based on the extension - user assignment in the system configuration. The login ID of the Windows user has to match the configured login ID in the Verba Recording System.

Storage requirements

All numbers below are given per minute, using 4 frame / second recording. These shall be used a guidelines, they can not represent exact storage requirements. Storage requirements are strongly effected by screen capture rate (saved frames per second), screen resolution, color depth and amount of changes on the screen during recording.

Compressing algorithm 

Average business app
Data entry forms
(few changes on screen)

Multiple applications (window switching)
Application with window scrolling (browser)
(many changes on screen)

Techsmith Screen Capture Codec1024x768 16bit color0.2-0.8 Mbyte/min0.8-3.6 Mbyte/min
Techsmith Screen Capture Codec1024x768 32bit color0.3-1.2 Mbyte/min1.5-6 Mbyte/min
Techsmith Screen Capture Codec1280x1024 32bit color0.5-2.0 Mbyte/min

2-8 Mbyte/min

Verba Screen Codec1024x768 32bit color0.1-0.3 Mbyte/min0.5-1.5 Mbyte/min
Verba Screen Codec1280x1024 32bit color0.2-0.6 Mbyte/min0.8-5 Mbyte/min
Windows Media Screen CodecConstant bitrates are selectable between 768 kbps - 2 mbps (5-15 Mbyte/min)

How to minimize storage requirements

The system can record all resolutions, color depths, multiscreen setups, but the following recommendations help to dramatically lower disk space requirements of the recordings:

  • Use the minimum possible screen resolution that still fullfills the usability requirements
  • Use lower bit color depths
  • Turn off background picture on the desktop