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The scoring interface can be accessed from the evaluations list under Quality Management / Evaluations. Each conversation listed contains an icon indicating the scoring status of the conversation.

Evaluate conversationBy pressing this icon, the supervisors can start the evaluation process for the conversation. A new screen is opened with the scoring interface.
View scorecardOnce a conversation is evaluated, the users can view or modify the scorecard by pressing the icon.

When the scorecard is opened, the conversation is automatically loaded into the player. In this way, evaluators can immediately start the evaluation process.

The scorecard interface includes a scorecard toolbar on the top, the evaluation form, and the standard player.

While the evaluator is filling out the form, the system automatically marks the already answered questions with a white background color and places a red line after the last answered question. The screen automatically scrolls and tries to follow the evaluator during the fill out process.

The total score is displayed in the heading of the form and is dynamically updated as you evaluate the agent by making selections and inputting answers to the questions on the page. The scores earned for each question are displayed and also updated automatically when the evaluator selects the answer.

Scorecard toolbar

The scorecard toolbar, located on the top section of the scoring screen, provides access to important functions regarding the evaluation process and displays vital information for the evaluator. The following table summarizes the available functions and data displayed on the toolbar:

-Start timeStart time of the evaluation. It always reflects the time, when the scorecard was opened.

Total time spent on the evaluation. The system automatically measures the time. Once the scorecard is saved, the system also saves the time spent on the evaluation. If the evaluator does not save the scorecard, the time is not recorded. If the evaluator reopens the scorecard, modifies it and save it, the extra time spent on the update will be added to the original timer value.

During the evaluation of the supervisors, this value is reported and compared to the duration of the call recording.


The actual score value with classification: "170/65 (38%) - Unacceptable", where:

170 - total points available

65 - points earned

38% - score

Unacceptable - classification

Save scorecardAllows saving the scorecard.
Share scorecardOnce the scorecard is saved at least once, the scorecard can be shared. A unique URL is opened in the default email client on the computer, which can be sent to the agent. Having the URL, the evaluated agent, the administrator, the evaluator, the quality management administrators, the system supervisors, and the sender are able to access the scorecard.
Download as PDFExports the scorecard to PDF format.
CalibrateBy pressing this button, the evaluator can start a new calibration for the call. This button also provides access to previous calibrations for the call. The small number in the bottom right corner of the icon displays the number of calibrations for the call. If there is no calibration for the call, nothing is displayed.
Delete scorecardDeletes the scorecard. This action cannot be undone.
Evaluate next call in the projectSwitches to the next call in the project.
Close scorecardCloses the scorecard without saving it and returns the browser to the evaluations list.