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The Verint Verba platform provides native support for SMPP (Short Message Peer-to-Peer) to capture SMS (Short Message Serice) text messages. SMPP is an open telecommunications industry standard protocol designed to provide a communication interface for the transfer of short message data on mobile networks.

Supported Verint Verba platform features

SMS is a core communication modality in Verint Verba, similar to chat messages.

This means all platform capabilities that apply to chat are available for SMS messages:

  • SMS capture can be enabled/disabled on a per extension level
  • integrated into to search & replay
  • standard data retention rules, encryption, signing, access control, etc. apply

Searching SMS messages

In the search interface, each message is shown as separate sessions next to phone calls and other conversations. However, when a session is loaded into Conversation View, it shows related SMS history.

SMPP support

The Verint Verba SMS Recorder service supports SMPP v3.3, v3.4 and v5.0 in Receiver only mode. In the SMS architecture, the Verint Verba service is an External Short Message Entity (ESME). The service supports TLS and can run in both TCP server mode (provider established the connection, default) or outbind mode. For more information on SMPP v5, see

The following diagram shows a typical message flow:

Operator site load balancing/failover scenarios are supported, multiple servers can run the Verint Verba SMS Recorder within the same platform.

Messages are stored in the SQL database of the platform, and in an optional transcript file on disc (*.sms).

For configuration details see the Configuring SMS Recording article.

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