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This guide is for users who want to search in recordings and manage speech analytics.

The Verba Speech Analytics Solution provides ad-hoc phonetic search and categorization of your recorded voice and video conversations.

This solution does not provide transcripts of yourrecordings, but uses phoneme recognition technology to find phrases that you are searching for.

The following articles provide detailed descriptions about

Why do I need Speech Analytics?

Searching the audio of your recordings will speed up quality assurance and compliance processes. We have collected a selection of ideas for using speech search as inspiration.

Licensing Speech Analytics

In order to use Verba Speech Analytics you need Speech Analytics User Add-On licenses for each recorded user whose calls will be analyzed.

Please contact your Verba partner or Verba sales in order to obtain the necessary licenses or to request a pilot.

Our per user speech analytics licenses are subject to fair use capacity constraints e.g. max no. of hours audio indexed per day.

Language support

The Speech Search solution currently officially supports US and UK English. We will be adding more languages going forward.

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