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Passive call recording for Cisco UC 320 and UC 500 series

Verba support recording on the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express based (CUCME) IP PBX platforms, however additional equipment is required to capture all of the voice calls.

Here's why:

The CUCME platform does not allow you to use our central recording technologies, due to 

    • the lack of support for the built-in-bridge function of Cisco phones, which would allow you to use the Verba central recording technology
    • the lack of JTAPI support, which would allow the Verba system to collect information about call details

Therefore the only way to record calls on CUCME devices is passive recording, which is based on port mirroring (SPAN in Cisco terminology).

UC320/UC500 series with CUCME platforms have limited support for SPAN, it do not allow you to create monitor sessions that include more than one network ports at a time, which makes it hard to capture the traffic of all your phones.


You can solve this situation, by deploying an additional standard switch between your phones and the CUCME boxes that supports SPAN sessions for multiple (even all ports) and VLANs.

An example for an entry level switch that supports SPAN port sessions with multiple ports is the Cisco Catalyst 2960-24TC-S Switch - approximately 500 USD at list price at your local Cisco distributor/integrator partner. There also smaller switches that support SPAN. Please contact your reseller for an up-to-date recommendation.

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