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In the Verba system, ongoing conversation recordings can be listed by selecting the Conversations / Ongoing submenu.  The group level and administrator privileges decide whether or not this function can be accessed and which on-going recordings are displayed.

The followings apply to ongoing conversations:

  • Information obtained or calculated at the end of the conversation is not available: e.g.  Duration, End Date, End Time, End Date-Time.
  • Comments can be entered and attached to ongoing conversations.
  • The ongoing conversation can be flagged as "private" or as "important".
  • E-mails can be sent with a URL link pointing to an ongoing conversation.
  • The conversation cannot be downloaded.
  • The Click2Dial feature cannot be used.
  • Silent monitoring can be invoked on ongoing conversations.

Because of the characteristics of the static web browsers, the page showing the currently ongoing conversations has to be refreshed in order to show the actual state of the conversations.

To refresh the ongoing conversation page only once, press the  icon.

To refresh the ongoing conversation page periodically first, press the  icon. This will refresh the page in every 10 seconds. To turn off the automatic refresh, click on the  icon.

In certain error situations, conversations might remain on the ongoing list even after they are over. This behavior is always a fault that should be investigated by the support team. The ongoing conversations started more than two days ago can be forcibly removed by using the System / Database / Database Purging menu.