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This article summarizes the general network requirements for the system. Several integrations have specific requirements set by the corresponding vendor. These requirements can be found in the documentation of the respective vendors. 

ParameterRecommended maximum valueDescription
General Network Latency250msRound trip latency for common TCP based protocols such as signaling, CTI, communication protocols between internal components
Recorded Media Latency500msOne way latency for RTP based media delivery. For trader voice integration where the media records are triggered by voice activity, it is recommended to minimize the delay to keep the CTI/CDR events in sync.
Recorded Media Jitter250msJitter represents the variation in latency which is compensated by the buffers in the recorder. High jitter can cause packet and data loss due to de-jitter buffer overflow.
Media Packet Loss<0.1%Some packet loss can be tolerated in case of audio but can cause significant data loss for video streams if keyframes are lost.
Relayed Media Latency150msOne way latency for proxied RTP media streams
Relayed Media Jitter30msJitter represents the variation in latency which has to be low for media streams relayed by the proxy server.



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