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The following table shows the support for modalities on the recorded platforms.

Recorded PlatformRecording TechnologyRecording ServiceVoiceVideoIMSMSDesktop ScreenScreen & Application Share


Poll / Q&AFile Share/Transfer

Unified Call Recorder


Yes (tick)---Yes (tick)


Cisco UBE (CUBE)SIPRECUnified Call RecorderYes (tick)Yes (tick)--Yes (tick)----
Cisco Voice GatewayXCCUnified Call RecorderYes (tick)---Yes (tick)----
Cisco IM&PIM&P Compliance APICisco Compliance--Yes (tick)-----Yes (tick)

Passive Recorder

Media Collector and Proxy

Yes (tick)Yes (tick)--Yes (tick)1---
Cisco MediaSenseImportCisco MediaSense ConnectorYes (tick)--------
Cisco Webex TeamsImportVerba Import--Yes (tick)-----Yes (tick)
Microsoft SfB/Lync-

Passive Recorder

Media Collector and Proxy

Yes (tick)Yes (tick)--Yes (tick)Yes (tick)--Yes (P2P) (tick)
-SfB/Lync IM Recorder--Yes (tick)------
-Verba Import------Yes (tick)Yes (tick)Yes (Meetings) (tick)
Microsoft TeamsBotUnified Call RecorderYes (tick)Yes (tick)--Yes (tick)Yes (tick)---
Webhook / Export APIUnified IM Recorder--Yes (tick)-----Yes (tick)
AvayaDMCC multiple registrations

Unified Call Recorder


Yes (tick)


--Yes (tick)----
Avaya ESBCSIPRECUnified Call RecorderYes (tick)Yes (tick)--Yes (tick)1---
BroadSoft BroadWorksSIPRECUnified Call RecorderYes (tick)Yes (tick)--Yes (tick)1---
Oracle/ACME Packet SBCSIPRECUnified Call RecorderYes (tick)Yes (tick)--Yes (tick)1---
MetaSwitch Perimeta SBCSIPRECUnified Call RecorderYes (tick)---Yes (tick)1---
SIP/SCCP compatibleNetwork port mirroringPassive RecorderYes (tick)Yes (tick)--Yes (tick)1---


IPSI, ITSLinkUnified Call RecorderYes (tick)------

BT IP TradeRecorder APIUnified Call RecorderYes (tick)--------
IPC UnigySIP, CTIUnified Call RecorderYes (tick)--------
SpeakerbusRTP, iCDSUnified Call RecorderYes (tick)--------
TruphoneSIP-based forking

Unified Call Recorder

SMS Recorder

Yes (tick)--Yes (tick)Yes (tick)----
HuaweiSIP-based forkingUnified Call RecorderYes (tick)--
Yes (tick)----
Tango NetworksSIP-based forkingUnified Call RecorderYes (tick)--
Yes (tick)----
Analogue2Synology TAP cardAnalogue and Radio RecorderYes (tick)--
Bosch Telex2RTP streamingAnalogue and Radio RecorderYes (tick)--
Generic RTP streaming2-Analogue and Radio RecorderYes (tick)--
CentileImportCentile ConnectorYes (tick)--
SIP compatibleDial-in and dial-out recorderUnified Call RecorderYes (tick)Yes (tick)-
Yes (tick)1---
GenesysSIP-based forkingUnified Call RecorderYes (tick)---Yes (tick)----
SymphonySIPRECUnified Call RecorderYes (tick)Yes (tick)--Yes (tick)Yes (tick)---
ImportVerba Import--Yes (tick)-----Yes (tick)
Bloomberg ChatImportVerba Import--Yes (tick)
Cloud9ImportVerba ImportYes (tick)--
RingCentralImportVerba ImportYes (tick)--
SMSSMPPSMS Recorder---Yes (tick)-----
O2ImportVerba ImportYes (tick)--------
VodafoneImportVerba ImportYes (tick)--------

1 SIP/BFCP based screen and application share recording is supported, mixed into video call recording, not available as a separate recording  

2 Recording rules are not supported, requires manual channel configuration

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