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This article guides you through the process of setting up the integration between Verba and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


Download the Verba Integration (.zip file containing a Microsoft Dynamics compatible solution package).

Import the Verba Solution

Step 1  In Microsoft Dynamics Navigate to Settings / Solutions

Step 2 – Click Solutions

Step 3 – Click Import

Step 4 – Click Browse, then find and select the file

Step 5 – Click Next

Step 6 – Click Import

Step 7 – After the import process finishes, click Close

Step 8 – Click Publish All Customizations

Step 9 – Log out of Microsoft Dynamics, then restart your browser

Step 10 – Log back into Microsoft Dynamics

Configure the connection to you Verba Server

Step 1 - Navigate to Settings / Verba server connection

Step 2 – Click Verba server connection

Step 3 – Click New 

Step 4 – Specify the following parameters specific to your Verba Media Repository Server:

    • Connection protocol: HTTP or HTTPS
    • Verba Media Repository name or IP address (e.g.  

Step 5 – Click Save

Using the Integration

After completing the steps above, you should be able to see a button labeled 'FIND RECORDINGS' on the top menu of your Account, Contact and Lead record detail pages.
Click this button to find all Verba conversation recordings that match the Phone Number(s) of the Account, Contact or Lead record.

You need login, and appropriate conversation access rights to be able to view conversations stored within Verba.